Tulle Colours

As you know, we are mad about tulle! We are often asked about how to wear them and the best top to wear. We always recommend staying true to the colour of the skirt with a coordinated blouse. 


Tulle offers beautiful sheer layers that add movement to your outfit. Its understated elegance works so well as a block of colour. Whatever your colouring, we have the shade to suit you best from cool teals to hot pinks. 


Here are a few examples to help you choose!

Grace Tulle Navy & Lana Top Navy
Grace Tulle Teal & Lana Top Teal
Grace Tulle Dusky Rose & Lana Top Rose
Grace Tulle Shell & Lana Top Champagne
Grace Tulle Hot Pink & Lana Top Candy Pink
Grace Tulle Moonlight & Lana Top White
Grace Tulle Chocolate & Lana Top Coffee
Grace Tulle Toffee & Lana Top Black
Grace Tulle Leopard & Lana Top Black
Grace Tulle Khaki & Lana Top Khaki
Grace Tulle Berry & Lana Top Black
Grace Tulle Smokey Grey & Lana Top Steel
Grace Tulle Salted Caramel & Lace Trim V Neck Mocha
Grace Tulle Black & Lana Top Black

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