Home Spa Ideas with G.L.O.W.


We asked the makers of G.L.O.W. Bath & Body their thoughts on how to create a luxurious home spa in the comfort of your own home. G.L.O.W. uses all natural ingredients with a blend of essential oils. Perfect for creating that spa feeling.

First up is stage the spaness! Candlelight creates a spa-like environment which aids relaxation and comfort. Aromatherapy candles that use scents such as ylang ylang and lavender can reduce the perception of stress, increase contentment, and decrease levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone.” The G.L.O.W. Relax, Dream and Believe range of candles all have elements of lavender and are perfect for that relaxed vibe. If you prefer something more refreshing, add a more zingy scent. We love Wish for a citrus fresh fragrance.

Next, relax in a steamy (but not too hot) tub with some G.L.O.W. bath cream in luxurious Black Pomegranate or Relax fragrances, slather on a hair mask and apply a Luna Dreamy Eyes self heating eye mask for an enhanced spa experience. Each individual foil-wrapped eye mask holds its heat for approximately 25 minutes. The lavender scent, combined with the gentle warmth of the mask, provides a relaxing sensation magically melting tension away from tired and strained eyes. 

G.L.O.W.'s foaming bath and shower cream soothes and relaxes the senses with the luxurious Black Pomegranate and Relax fragrances.


Don't forget to give your hands and feet a little TLC makeover with some luxury moisturising cream. G.L.O.W.'s luxury hand creams are made with cocoa & shea butter as well as almond oil and vitamin E which feels fresh, non greasy, sinks in to your skin quickly and leaves your hands ultra hydrated. G.L.O.W. recommends popping some on your feet before bed and sleep with socks on for the ultimate softening effect. 


Finally take that spa feeling with you by filling your home or workplace with a scent diffuser of your favourite fragrance. Pop the hand cream in your handbag and use the relaxing scent to diffuse any stress while you are travelling. Breathe in and enjoy the restful properties.

All G.L.O.W. Bath & Body products are handmade in the UK using ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients. You can find a full list of ingredients on the G.L.O.W. product pages. 


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